Question about fairy bags


Oct 29, 2006

Prada and all of the department stores will not be getting anymore . Ebay may be your only answer unfortunately :sad:


Jul 27, 2008
ahhh...thanks. i hate ebay, but i think i love the fairy bag. haha
as far as i know, prada hawaii was the last one to get a shipment, a few weeks ago... i was on the waitlist for that, but they were only getting 10 bags or something, and i was beyond that on the waitlist, and i haven't been called since.

i finally gave in and bought mine on ebay - there are a few legitimate sellers, but they are selling for a few hundred dollars over retail. when was offering 25-35% cashback, this came out to be at retail price, so i kinda lucked out...

depending on what color you want though, here are some (cheaper) ones... and from pictures, seem authentic to me:


just check though that these pictures are indeed the same pictures for the same EXACT bag you are going to get, ask seller to email you more pictures... they're not watermarked, and i would be wary if they stole them from someone else.

the other option is checking international stores (asia, europe)? i heard they are not as popular there, so you may still have a chance. maybe.

good luck! i am SO IN LOVE:heart: with my prada fairy astro, i definitely recommend this bag to anyone else. it is just PERFECT!
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