Question about factory pricing

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  1. New here and I have a question about delete pricing at factory stores. I noticed that deletes are priced at 9 or 10 dollars below the tag price and then sold at 30% or 50% off the handwritten price. Is that how it's done? Or just at the Ontario outlet?

    Just wondering if I should be asking better questions at the store or going to one of the other factory stores.

  2. At my outlet new deletes are the reg price -30%. The clearance deletes are usually $10 less than the reg price then 50% off. Then if there is a coupon, an additional 20% off.
  3. Ok thanks. Makes sense. I guess timing is everything :biggrin:

  4. This is they way it's done at the Ontario outlet too, AFAIK.

    But when the clearance bag prices are marked down from the MSRP, (called "redlined") they can be reduced anywhere from $10 to a couple of hundred dollars, the way they were for the Cambridge and the Sydney when they hit the outlets. Then it's 50% off and with a coupon another 20% off that.
  5. So now my dilemma is use the my first PCE at the FP store or use this weekend's 20% off coupon at the factory store OR maybe both! ;)
  6. ^^^that's my dilemma too lol good luck in deciding. i think im going to the outlet to see if theres a good deal but if nothing totally jumps out at me then ill go get what i really want from the boutique.
  7. oh and welcome to the forum =]
  8. Thanks.
    Well today the plan is hit the outlet see what's available then swing by the FP store. Wish me luck at both!