Question about face shape and chanel sunnies

  1. I have a very round face...and I'm debating between chanel 5076 and 6022. I don't have a boutique near me so I was going to buy from eBay...any recommendations on which are better for a round face

    also, is someone writes 100% authentic guaranteed, would you say that's safe to buy, as in if you got it and thought it wasn't authentic, you could return them?

  2. can you find and post photos? I don't know about everyone else, but I personally don't have all the #s and styes memorized.

    no way:nogood:
    There's some authorized dealers, but them guaranteeing it means nothing, most eTailers that sell fake merchandise swear it isn't.
  3. [​IMG] this is the 5076

    [​IMG] these are the 6022

    i think the 5076 are the MOP and the 6022 are the leather inlay ones...

    I have a round face and am not really sure what sunglass shape is better for that....i wish i had a chanel boutique near me so i could just try them on :shrugs:
  4. Look up their specs. . . they actually look like identical frames to be honest. Just w/ different details, my guess is their specs/dimensions are exactly the same.
  5. thanks! :smile:
  6. Hmmm, well one has a grayish-green tint and one is gradient brown, but other than that, they are very similar. The bottom one is a bigger pic but maybe it's also a larger frame? It looks like it.

    I think you need exact dimensions to be sure what you're getting. I think they are great for a round face though!
  7. Saks, NM and other high end dept. stores also carry Chanel Sunglasses. Also please be careful when buying sunglasses on eBay. I will rather call around and have the stores mentioned above ship them to your house. G/L:smile:
  8. They are indeed the same shape, they are quite flattering on most face shaped. I used to have the 5076 and I'm going to get the 6022 because I feel like they are less common, KWIM?
  9. I have a pretty round face and both of those looked terrible on me.
    The frame shape is identical, the only difference is the CC detail.
  10. for a round face, I would suggest a square frame IMO, it gives it a nice contrast. try looking at model 6014 (the ones with the big cc) or 5080B (similar frames, but with matelasse rhinestones). I always show those to customers because it fits very well, and they're also comfortable and lightweight, which is a BIG PLUS. :tup:;)
  11. I own the 5076 and I still get compliments wearing it! Oh I have a round face too ;)
  12. ^^^ saint2sinner: hoping your expertise can help me: the 6014 fit me very well - do you know how they compare to the 5076?
  13. Yes! The 6014 and 5080B are perfect for round faces! My face has become more angular with age (was very round in my youth) and I own both of these styles in two colors each! I bought doubles because they look so good on.
  14. I have both the 6014 and 5080B, and I can concur that both are a perfect fit for a/my round face (also if you're lacking a bridge, as in my case)!

    Also, a tip: if you try them on in store, make sure you can smile without having the frames move too much. That's a good indication of a good fit for a round face!
  15. I have a round face and I haven't found a single pair of Chanel sunnies that look good on me.

    I go hi-lo and buy Coach sunnies since they look better on my face.