Question about Express Mail International - boxes

  1. Just a quick question, I'm about to send an item from the US -> Canada via Express Mail International. Does the USPS provide a box for that or is it okay if I just any kind of box?
  2. you can use any kind of box!
  3. Well, the answer is yes to both. Yes you can provide your own box OR you can use the boxes USPS provides--which, confusingly, say Priority Mail on them. They recently (within the past year or so) began allowing use of Priority Mail boxes for express shipments internationally; this happened when "surface" international shipments stopped being offered.
  4. I got told off for that in my PO! I couldn't even use the address label with Priority Mail on it!
  5. I was told I could use the boxes for global priority but not express.
  6. They have express boxes at my PO (used one today) and I shipped internationally with it.
  7. I have to correct what I said!!! They DO have specific Express boxes, which are free, but you can NOT use Priority boxes for Global Express. Sorry for the misinformation! I was only half on the right page there.