question about exchanges..

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  1. has anyone taken something back to the store for a exchange after u've had it for over 2 months?

    i've had a friend who had a bag..unused for a year, and was able to successfully do an exchange...because i was at the store with him when he did the exchange, and when he bought the bag in the first place...he doesn't know any SAs at all...

    just wanted to see whether there are others out there..thanks!
  2. You can do an exchange or store credit as long as the bag is really brand new even without a receipt, but generally no credit card or cash refunds after 14 days.

    I hope that helps.

  3. that's great! i bought a pocket organizer in september, and i realized that i won't be using it at all...i don't want to waste it..
  4. What happens to bags at Louis Vuitton boutiques when someone changes their minds after many months? Do they sell them as new to someone else? I would feel really bad to think I might be purchasing a bag thinking it was brand new and someone else had had it for so long. Does anyone know?
  5. It has to look and smell and act exactly as if it was brand new. They have every right to deny you an exchange if they even think you've used it. You really wouldn't want to embarass yourself by getting rejected if you knew you've used it!
  6. because i didn't wanna sell the pocket organizer on ebay or anything...that's why i asked this has definitely not been used, been taken out once for me to admire :love: but now i figured the 9-cc compartments in my koala wallet serves its purpose...
  7. i've also wondered about this. i know they're picky about returns, but they do take them back. same with elux... people return there too. even if an item appears brand new, i don't really like the idea of getting a returned one.

    and i assume defective pieces are destroyed? i know people have returned/exchanged groom pieces that chipped within a few days or damier speedy with the bleeding lining problem, etc.
  8. i've read a lot of posts on tPF that they've either received an item from elux or didn't check carefully when they bought something at the store, and found some defects one way or another...i think that's because of reselling returned items that have slight problems