question about EW price. thanks!

  1. Hi How much is a classic single flap single chain? (I think it is east west?) I saw two in the store but they are priced differently. A caviar about 1750, but a lambskin in another store 1550 (lambskin should be more?).
    Could someone please tell me how much is a classic east west in lambskin now? Thank you so much!:heart:
  2. Hi bluewindow, if you're looking for an E/W bag. I believe Saks still has it at $1350. Usually the price of the bag is consistent across different stores but somehow this bag is different. Please check some of the thread posted by AprilValentine. You will have more info there.
  3. Hi thank you so much! I got the 1550 one because I like it a lot. I didn't see EW in Saks...
    Did I pay too much? Thanks again!
  4. Saks still has them for $1350????? Wow....

    More temptation.. Uh oh! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats! IMO, you did not pay too much. $1550 is still cheap comparing to $1,750 or more in other stores. Enjoy your new purchase.
  6. $1550 is the old price for lambskin. You're lucky if you can still find one with the old price. The caviar ew is now $1795 or $1750, the lamsbkin is slightly higher than that now.
  7. Thank you everyone! I appreciate your help.
    I am so happy for the new bag. :smile:
    Already thinking about the next...