Question about Everyday Minerals??

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  1. I wanted to order the free sample kit for myself to try it. It seems like a really great deal!! I know I probably have to pay for shipping though because they take me to a PayPal page after I pick the checkout option. Does anybody know how much I'll have to pay for shipping?
  2. Ah nevermind, I figured it out! I was afraid it would take my information and complete the transaction without telling me the price for it...didn't want to get myself into a bind since I'm pretty much poor this month. Can't wait to get my samples in the mail!!! Too bad I threw out my kabuki brush not too long ago though from my Bare Essentials kit. I'll have to steal my mom's!!
  3. I ordered the free kit and also an eyeshadow, used a code for a discount (D2nm4C is 10% off), and my shipping cost was $4.14 (total cost was $6.39).
  4. Oops, sorry, saw that you already got it.
  5. I've used everyday minerals for about a year and I love it! I hope you will too :smile:
  6. it was about 4 something USD for me too, and I live in Toronto.
  7. Thanks girls! I really love how they let you pick out three foundations to see which one suits you best. They have a lot of options for fair skin and the prices are wonderful! I was going to buy some Neutrogena mineral make up next time I went to the store and the blush alone was 9 dollars. I'm going to try this now and see how it goes.
  8. Yup shipping was 4 something to Hawaii. I just got my sample kit in the mail two days ago and have yet to try anything!