Travel Question about Eurail...has anyone used this?


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May 2, 2006
Ok, so, I want to backpack through Europe this summer for 3 months. I know, it's nuts, and, I know it's crazy expensive, but, if I don't do this now, there will always be some reason why I can't do it and I'll regret never doing this for the rest of my life.

I want to go from May 20-August 10th or so. I'd be flying into London and starting my journey from there. I know I need the Eurail global pass which is good for 20 countries for 3 months, but, I'm slightly confused. According to this website:

"Eurail Global Pass Saver (consecutive travel days) Save on Group Train Travel throughout Europe!

Want to see everything Europe has to offer? Hop on board with a Eurail Global Pass Saver, which offers consecutive-day travel in the 20 European countries of the Eurail Network for 2 people or more traveling together."

First Class Adult fare is 2k (USD). Does this include fare then for 2 people, so, 1k each? Because other wise, there is a Eurail Global Youth Pass that's 1,500 USD for 3 months. And you have to be 25 or younger to qualify as a youth, which me and my sister do.

Has anyone used this pass before? Thanks!!


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Mar 23, 2007
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hi Digby,
I've used Eurail pass before. Not quite the same exact one that you showed on your link. If you're looking at the $1903 price, that is the price per person.
If you qualify for the youth one, yes, you should pick that one, as that will offer you further discount.
This is where we usually browse for which pass we want to get:
Once we decided on which one we want to get, I usually go to our local STA travel agent to get the pass, as they can issue the pass on the spot. No need to wait for anyone to ship it over to us.

HTH! Happy travel!


Aug 27, 2008
Los Angeles
Just to let you know though, the youth pass is second class. If you are looking into 1st class tickets then you're probably better off with the first option. Also, if you aren't going to be using the train everyday it's probably less expensive to get non consecutive days.


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
^I plan on using the pass about once a week for 3 months. Once I arrive in the city I want to stay in, I plan on using it's bus routes or their own metro/subway lines to get around. Wouldn't non-consecutive days end up costing me more for a 3 month trip?