Question about espadrille's

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  1. I honestly don't like them sorry
  2. Not for me either!
  3. Too much platform for me.
  4. well hmm. when i get them i will post pics then we can decide if they are horrid.
  5. They were cheaper on and, so you might check those instead. They keep popping up every few days.
  6. There was a picture of Carmen Electra wearing them and she looked HOT in them along with the rest of her outfit. I couldn't pull it off though..too much platform for me also.
  7. ^^I agree. Depends if you can pull it off. I couldn't. lol
  8. This was posted in the great deals section, but here it is again at NM on sale for $247... Click to shop.
  9. ack darn. stupid bluefly. i think i will end up sending them straight back.
  10. I love em,mkwmda. Pls becareful with CL closed toe might have to size up from you true shoe size in CLs. Blackbird, is correct. They looked hot on Carmen. I believe you can pull it off. Pls note: I am biased...there aren't too many CL espadrilles I don't like.
  11. it really depends what you wear it with but personally the style is not for me. i have a lower slip-on platform espadrille called the tiburon. i've gotten so many compliments on it and it is simple and cute. i would recommend them more.
  12. Hmm... looks like I'm a little late to this thread! Just wanted to add my two cents... I had the exact same espadrille (ordered from NM) and while they did look truly fabulous they BROKE on the first day out! The ribbon tore near the ankle while I was walking around (I knotted it so I could make it through the rest of the outing) and then it broke on the other side 20 minutes later! Fortunately NM accepted the return... but be skeptical. Very skeptical.
  13. hmmmmmmm thats not good. I am bidding on a pair of khaki ones on ebay, I will probably send the Ibizas right back