Question about escalating to PayPal claim

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  1. I have been having a dispute with an eBay seller who listed a bag with pictures of an authentic bag then sent me a horrible fake. To make things more stressful she ceased to be registered with eBay shortly after I purchased and paid for (by credit card via PayPal) the bag. At that point I also found a couple of iOffer listings using the same pictures as in her listing, but when I asked her about it she said they had stolen her pictures and she had the real bag - plus she had been removed from eBay for having too many designer bags listed at once. Sure.

    Anyway, by the time we sorted that it she had already sent it, and when I received it I knew that it was clearly fake. I told her it was a fake and not the one in her pictures and pointed out the worst example (the authenticity tag was so obviously not the one from her listing) and she simply recited back to me her refund policy (return within three days in original packaging). I therefore did just that, thinking (naively, I know) that she would actually honour that policy. So when she receives the bag back she emails me and says there is "damage" to the bag (some of the cheap "glue" they used to seal off the "leather" around the handle had started to peel off) and therefore I had clearly "worn or mishandled" the bag before returning it. At that point I knew there was no hope for resolving this in a civilized manner and I started a PayPal dispute, telling her that this "damage" was one of the numerous things which were wrong with the bag when it arrived and which I viewed as all of the evidence it was a poor quality fake and not the bag in her pictures - and that when I first contacted her after receiving the bag I had told her that I had many other examples of the problems with the bag besides the authenticity tag, but she didn't ask for any others and just spouted back her return policy...

    Anyway, since starting the PayPal dispute we have had further communication. First off she admitted the pictures were not of the bag she sent but that she had only purchased the bag for resale, had been told it was authentic, and doesn't know the brand (bottega veneta). I told her that lack of knowledge of the brand didn't excuse using pictures she had not taken of a bag she was not selling. She then said she just wanted to see my pictures to know that the damage was there when I received it, so I sent her more of the pictures I had and then she replied that she WOULD refund my money. Nothing happened for a few more days so I emailed her again just to check where things stood with the refund and now she is saying she will not give me a refund without an explanation of why I didn't tell her there was damage when I received it. I've gone through the whole scenario with her several times now (I showed her the worst evidence it was fake (the authenticity tag), said there was lots more evidence, she didn't ask for any of it and just recited her refund policy which I then complied with), blah blah blah.

    Anyway, at this point I just don't see she is going to come through - even though she has admitted that her listing had pictures of a different bag than the bag she sold me and has agreed to refund my money earlier, but has now apparently changed her mind because I didn't tell her of this particular "damage" when I got the bag.

    Soooo, my reason for posting here (other than to share my pain with you all) is to ask what it means when you say that you have to send all of your evidence in to PayPal when you first escalate to a claim because you can't add anything afterwards.

    I do have some correspondence with her recently that has been done through the PayPal dispute centre (including where she admits that her pictures in her listing were of a different bag), but there was a fair amount of correspondence before that that was just through email and also more recently because I needed to send her more pictures and couldn't figure out how to include attachments to a message sent through the PayPal dispute centre. Do I need to send all of those emails to PayPal when I escalate to a claim and - if so - how exactly do I do that since I don't see anywhere in PayPal where it says how?

  2. Just escalate to a claim and ensure you state that bag was returned to the seller and then Paypal will contact you if they need anymore info. Sounds like she's admitted liability on the chargeback anyway so should be fairly simple

    When you returned the bag did you send it with signature confirmation?
  3. Your experience sounds verrrry similar to the one I am currently having, but with shoes. They're fake--the seller's account was closed right after I paid...the same pictures are showing up on other seller's listings...I just started my dispute, though, and have yet to hear from the seller.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this, because I know how you feel!!! :cursing:

    I really don't think I'll shop on ebay again.
  4. Thanks. I did send it with signature confirmation - although I don't think that is an issue here on the return, as she has also admitted that she received it back (and that it is now damaged).