Question about ERGO Leather French Purse

  1. Now I am looking for a matching wallet to my Ergo belted leather hobo.
    This one - Ergo Leather French Purse #40455 - is not at anymore.
    Does someone know if you still can get it - chocolate or tabacco - at
    boutiques or maybe marked down at outlets ?

    As I don't live in the US (I live in Germany) I will have to ask somebody who lives there
    and need your help !! Thanks a lot !! :p
  2. I have seen those at the outlets months ago.. and on eBay. HTH! :tup:
  3. I've seen it at the outlets recently in california.
  4. Thank you, I checked on eBay, but could not find the color I want, I'm afraid a bit
    to get on ebay due to authenticity issues... (fakes are easier done for wallets)

    You saw them months ago... it means that they may have
    gone from outlets, too, and completely sold out ?:sad: