Question About Ergo Colors

  1. Hey ladies :smile: well i dont know who has asked what questions but i thought i would ask see if anyone knew

    Why is the ergo keyfob in blue, white and pink? and then the actual bags all the choices are blue, white and camel?!?!!?

    Is there going to be a pink?! cause if so i DO NOT want to buy another ergo until it comes, i want PINK!!!

    but if there isnt going to be then im going with camel but i just wanted to see if anyone had Any ideas on this! :smile: thanks!!
  2. i think they do more adventurous colors in keyfobs...i think you might be reading too much into it, kwim?
  3. i dunno what KWIM means? :smile:

    and i just thought it would be like here are our colors in bags and in key fobs but i guess not

    i just love pink hehe
  4. kwim- know what i mean.

    i'm a pink freak, too. but i really think that would be major overkill in a tote.
  5. I love pink, also. Pink could be too much for an ergo, right?:p
  6. haha i know thats what i was thinking too but i dunno i think i would prob buy the smaller size hobo in it or something !! !:smile:

    but yes it maybe would be a lot! :smile:
  7. An SA at my Coach store said she saw pics of a lime green Ergo Handbag Keyfob...

    I don't know if its available in that color cause I have only seen the turquoise, white and pink...