Question about epsom

Dec 27, 2008
Does anyone know when epsom was first made, and when the transition from courchevel -> epsom happened?
I keep seeing vintage 1990s bags that are marked as epsom. Are these really courchevel or were there some epsoms made then too?
Some professional sellers swear they are epsom, (and they have sold courchevel too, so it seems like they know) which is making me very confused
Thanks for any insight!


May 20, 2006
It seems that there was a period of time after Courchevel was discontinued before Epsom appeared. Also veau grainé lisse, also discontinued, looks similar.
Yes Right. Veau Grain Lisse was out for w few seasons then it vanished and Epsom took the scene.
Courchevel, Veau Grain Lisse and Epsom are all avatars of the same leather. "printed" grain, very durable ( at least Courchevel has proven to be so) and very easy going leathers, that are perfect for a day bag.
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Dec 27, 2008
Epsom can look a bit plain, but its a very smart choice if you like to use your bag on a daily basis. it will soften a bit, it will loose a bit of grain on some parts of the bag but nothing to take the beauty of your bag away.
Thank you so much for your insight!! I never realized who you were- loved your video with Mel!
I am coming to love courchevel, particularly for the kelly. An epsom retourne is next on my list but these seem so rare :sad: