question: About Epsom Leather

  1. how about this kind of leather??
  2. well i love it others hate it. it is an eye pleasing leather not a hand pleasing leather as to some it feels plasticky. this beeing said it is pretty carefree (you can easily wipe it down with a soft damp cloth/very handy if the bag is white)it holds its shape the only problem is you have to take care with the corners.
  3. i learnt Epsom is lightweight.
    but someone told me that Epsom felt not real leather. It is not soft at all.
    i ordered birkin togo 35 in red with togo leather.
    but i was told there is epsom red in the store this moment.
    so i dont know i should just take it instead of waitting or not
  4. as i have stated above a lot of people do not like it because of how it feels but that is entirely personal. about the reds well it depends what red etc. as colors look different on each skin. go with what makes your heart sing and it sure does not hurt to take a look at the bag in the store .
  5. thanks lilach:heart:
    I will go and take a look.
  6. I got my mother a rouge garrance HAC and we both love it. We prefer sturdy bags and the epsom is definitely sturdy. My mother has 2 courcheval Birkins as well, which is similar to epsom, and they are both over 10 years old and still look as new. It definitely doesn't feel like a smooth leather.
  7. ^Sorry I forgot to mention that the HAC is epsom.
  8. It is a stiff, embossed leather that holds its shape well, handles a little moisture well, takes color well, but does not have the pleasing "hand" that many other H leathers have.
  9. I have 35 gold birkin in epsom.....the color looks darker than say a togo in gold, it is stiff, which is something different than most of the others. I do like it alot, though if it is your first or your only, I would go for something else. But then....if you see it and love it, DON'T LISTEN TO ME!!:nogood:
  10. i have a red garance 30 birkin and i love it. at the biginning i wasn't really sure about the leather, but it's my favorite now, and i love ths stiffy look and feeling.
  11. any more comments?
  12. Hmm. Well, if I were to get a white bag (which is highly unlikely), I think I would get it in epsom.
  13. Go see it Miracle and see if it "sings to you."
  14. I dont find it pleasing neither to the eye (looks cardboard-like) nor the hand. However, it looks nicer in certain colors better than others. I particularly like it in bluejean and rouge garrance
  15. have a 35 birkin in black and love it...I like the uniformity of the grain...
    Togo is softer but sometimes the veins are a bit uneven to me. It has held up well and like others have said, some colors look great in Epsom like rouge g and blue jean. It boils down to how you feel when you see one. I also love that it's not slouchy. That being said, I wouldn't mind another leather, just depends how it looks ;)