Question about Epi Speedy's

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  1. I've been trying to catch up on how to spot a fake, and was examining my Epi Speedy (25). I bought this myself at Saks, so technically it should be kosher, but heck, I could have been the victim of a returned purse switch. Just kidding...I hope.

    Anyway, for the life of me I can't find the date code on this purse. Does anyone know where it's hidden. Also, I guess there's no patch anywhere on an Epi Speedy, right?

    Last question, does anyone know how to translate the date code? For example here's one off a friend's Speedy 30: SD0015. What does that translate to?

    Thank you, as always,
  2. There's a thread about the Datecodes and serial numbers.. do a search.

    SD0015 means San Dimas, January 2005
  3. The date code on the new epi speedy (with 2 inside pocket) is inside the right pocket

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  4. Thanks for the answers. I really was working to hard to find that dang code. My magnifying glass is right next to me, I looked under every conceivable tab, tag and zipper.:lol:

    I will read the thread on date codes, I find the whole thing kinda fascinating. Very Sherlock Holmes.

    Thanks again,