Question about Epi Speedys

  1. Are there two different types of red epi speedys? I've seen some on eBay which have one interior pocket slot/flap, and others which have compartments.

    Prior to buying my epi speedy, I had only seen pictures, and I just want to make sure I didn't get a fake from the LV boutique! :wtf: :yucky:

    The epis on eBay are probably fake...but just to make sure... whats the inside of your epi speedy look like?
  2. there are older ones- which are unlined and only have one pocket and the new ones that are lined and have 2 interior pockets. if you got it recently at the boutique you have the new one.
  3. :idea: DING!

    Whew! thanks for clearing that up... you are right, I bought it just last week. Has silver hardware too.
  4. :yes: :yes:

    And I would just add don't let the old pocket fool you, it is pretty cheepy looking.
  5. Oh, I Thought It Had 3 Pockets! Huh. I Thought It Was Just A Little More Organized.