Question about Epi Speedy?

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  1. Ladies I'm new to LV.. moving on from Chloe. I'm looking at purchasing a Blue Epi Speedy and would like to know if any of you can tell me when that bag came out?

    And is there a specific way to tell an Epi is authentic? I'm in LOVE with it, but want to make sure I don't get screwed. Thanks!
  2. I know the Ivoire came out in March 07...

    Our lovely posters in the Authenticate This! sticky can help you with authenticity questions.
    Just post a link to the auction there!
  3. Hi, welcome to the LV side! There is a forum called authenticate this LV, a thread rather. There is an eBay forum altogether I believe. If you're getting on eBay you may want to post the auction and have some experts look at it on that authenticate this LV thread. If you need the link to the thread I can post it. GL! The epi came in two different blues to my knowledge, first toledo which came in all sizes(25,30,35) of epi speedy and then myrtille which was only made in the 25 (smaller) size. the myrtille is a bit more blueberry and the toledo has teal undertones looks more like a turquoise, GL!
  4. margarita we were typing at the same time!
  5. Thanks so much ladies! I will definitely do that and get a TPFers advice.
  6. margarita you are quick! I was just about to post the link! :smile: you rock!
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  8. Aw thanks! You gave so much more info though! :yes:
  9. First and foremost, welcome to tPF and LV! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

    Not sure on the exact release date of the Myrtille Epi Speedy, but I do know that the last one was last sold in March of 2007.

    It's best not to give out info on what exactly to look for when browsing eBay for an authentic LV because there are many lurkers that read this forum, some being counterfeiters fishing for info, and we don't want to help them make their fakes better. :yucky:

    For any authenticity question, please post it here and we will gladly look at it for you:

    Edited to add: Dangit! This is what happens when you're typing and trying to take a drink at the same time... now I have Sprite all over my keyboard. :push:
  10. :flowers: have a good weekend! GL Kim hope you win!
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  13. John - I just sent you a PM :smile: One of my gf's here recommended you as an expert.. lol.. thanks for the advice!
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    You're welcome btw! ;)
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