question about epi speedies

  1. can you still get a red epi speedy 30 with gold hardware? or are they all silver hardware now? thanks
  2. when i got my black epi speedy the salesman said theyre all in silver hardware now, the gold was older and they wouldn't make them anymore. Im guessing the same goes for red epis. Its a shame i wouldve loved mine in gold hardware. :sad:
  3. all silver now
  4. try calling 866 to see if there's any left. i doubt it though but worth a try.
  5. thanks...
  6. i think someone mentioned that you can SO gold harware but not for much longer and its 30% extra.
  7. Like what cawowyn said, it's all SILVER hardware now. gold hardware are the old ones.
  8. yes. all silver now.
  9. Jz a quick question, those with epi speedy 25 ivoire, do u find it hard to get things in n out of the bag? Isit something like damier papillon 26? cos i find it uncomfortable when i wanna take things out of my papillon.
  10. I guess it should be quite hard to get stuffs out... 30 is a much better size in general.. coz the zipper for 25 is a tad too narrow..