Question about epi "soft" leather

  1. Browsing eluxury, I noticed the description of the epi line mentions a new epi "soft" leather...when did the epi leather change? And what exactly is the difference between the old epi and the new epi leather? Is my vanilla speedy the old one? It was made in 2002. Thanks for any info :flowers:
  2. Hi, I think the new epi change was made sometime last year but I'm not very sure at all about that. It was very recent. The vanilla speedy is the stiffer type. I own both an old style and new style speedy and the difference is exactly that the new one is "softer" but I don't think it's that big a deal and the bottoms don't sag any more or less.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'll have to go in a feel a new one at the store to see the difference. Do you have a preference between the old and the new?
  4. fashion_junky, how much is your epi speedy when you bought it in 2002? I just want to know the price difference. TIA.
  5. I actually just bought it off ebay, so I'm not sure how much the retail was back then, sorry! I paid $620 on ebay.
  6. I don't think I have a preference but some people like the stiffer leather since it makes the bag look *slightly* more structured. If you go into an LV and ask for an epi speedy you will see what I mean. In the new ones, the bag will cave in more than in the older ones. But the old ones also cave in if they are empty, just less. (look at your vanilla speedy when it's empty, then just imagine a bigger sag in the front of the bag.) I hope you understand what I'm saying! It's really very minimal.
  7. Thanks for the info!! Good to know it wasn't a big change. I'll definitely take a look to compare the next time I'm in LV.
  8. Oh I just remember that you won the vanilla speedy. Congrats! :smile:
    How does it look like IRL? Do post a picture of you carrying it. I'd love to see it.
  9. Thanks! It is gorgeous IRL! I just love the color. I'll try to take a pic of me carrying it this weekend sometime.
  10. I also have a question...does it wrinkle easily and if it does how do you get out deep wrinkles?

  11. it doesn't really wrinkle easily unless you set something on it. But over time the epi by the zippers will get wrinkles because you have to stretch it to put things in and out. I don't know if you can help it. =C