Question about Epi Nocambule

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  1. Does anyone know when this bag was discontinued and how much it went for?

  2. interesting shape..
  3. all i can say is that it was around in 2001.
  4. All I know is Karen Walker on Will and Grace had that bag in an episode... I literally yelled out the name and the line and color... lol :smile: if I can find the episode, I can figure out a year and go from there?
  5. ^^^^LOL. Thanks.
  6. Anyone else have any idea? :huh:
  7. I still saw a picture of this bag published in my 2004 official LV catalogue, so it was probably still available as recent as that year, albeit probably in very small quantities since it was already being phased out.

  8. Oh really? Any idea how much it cost?
  9. Unfortunately, since this was several years ago, I don't remember the exact price. It may (and I stress the word "may") have been around the $1000 range.
  10. That is ONE SHARP LOOKING BAG!!!:love: Sorry, I am no help when it comes to the price or the date on this one.
  11. anyone else know?

    LV addict---
    It IS a sharp looking bag. I'm so glad to have won it :yes: :heart:
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