Question about Epi Leather Lockit

  1. Do you know if it can be worn over shoulder or just a carry bag? And what color is flattering for work? Actually I am hesitating between Alma and it. Any opinion helps. Thanks! :heart:
  2. Both Epi Lockit and Alma are strictly handheld only bags. I really like them both. I chose the black Epi Alma at the end though because of the dressier shape.

    Although I am not completely excluding the chance of buying a epi Lockit sometime in the future. I really like the red and the ivory colors. (Black Lockit is nice, but the red or ivory are amazing)
  3. Both Lockit and Alma are hand-carried bags. You can purchase additional shoulder strap if you want to carry them on shoulder.

    For work, most people will go for black. The red will be more for dressy occassion.
  4. Sigh, all other bags of mine are handheld, really need a shoulder bag. Any recommendation? :heart:

    Yeah, I love Lockit and Alma too. Wish they had the color Cannelle as in Jasmin. Might choose black since it's for work.
  5. I agree, black is safe. Will buy a red Vernis since it's so shiny. :wlae:
  6. Are you only looking at Epi leather?
  7. Not necessarily. But do you think the monogram canvas will be a little overstated for a new employee?
  8. hmm- wouldn't worry about being a newbie at work.......... or the bag that I'd carry..... but that's just me!

    Love the black Epi Lockit though------ such a bold handbag IMO- the black just grips you and it's sooooooo stylish!

  9. For work, I really like the look of:

    1. Segur:

    2. Passy GM

    BTW, for work , you better go with black or ivory. (black has slight more edge than ivory)
  10. The Lockit is handheld only.
    Black is a safe and very professional colour and will match most outfits.
  11. Right, will take a black Lockit for sure. But another black Alma? :sweatdrop:
  12. Yeah, I need a black bag. :wlae:
  13. You should be able to attach a strap to the lockit!
  14. Good to know, thanks.