Question about Epi Jasmin

  1. OKay guys I have a question. I have on hold at my LV store here a Mandarin Epi Jasmin. I adore that color. BUT I could go on Eluxury and purchase an Epi Jasmin (in Red as the mandarin is no longer available). If I get it through ELuxury tho I do not have to pay taxes and they have free shipping now! So I actually save like $85 if I get the red. I have until tomorrow to decide!?! Help me please!

  2. Don't forget to go through ****** too!! Hmm. I love the red, personally.. I'm not really feeling the Mandarin..
  3. Yeah I really like the red also! It's so tough! AGH!
  4. i think you should buy the mandarine.. think of it as paying the extra $85 for the discontinued mandarine colour, you can always buy the red anytime considering its a permanent colour... =) go with the mandarine!!!
  5. Ahh that is an excellent point!!
  6. i actually dont really like the mandarin one..
  7. But the mandarain color is going to be discontinued....I personally like the Jasmin in mandarin, since it's a smaller bag, it'll make a small nice pop of color. Any bigger bag I'll probably not get it in mandarin. My [​IMG]
  8. I thought ****** was done with elux????
  9. nevermind, I see they're on again!
  10. This is awful. How can this be so difficult?
  11. OMG- well I guess my decision was made for me. I swear they had the red Epi Jasmin like 30 minutes ago and now it is GONE from elux! They have the new brown shade, blue and black. I did really like that red!
  12. I LOVE the's quite hard to find now and you might not get a chance to get it again. The New Red is a *fairly* new color so if you really like the orange, I'd get that one first.
    I have that same bag in Mandarin and it's gorgeous and actually very easy to match with your clothing!

  13. Well that's good to know! I think the mandarin it is now! :yahoo:

    It's so much easier when you just make a final decision!

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! I really value your opinions!
  14. A little late I guess, but I wanted to say go with the mandarin too - I have the mandara pm in mandarin and the segur pm in red, and have gotten so many more compliments on the mandarin!
  15. Go for the mandarin, it's a lovely color and you can wear it year long. The fall colors are out now, you will see lots of mandarin in the fall collection. I have the mandarin pont neuf, an elegant bag, and been discontinued. I'm really glad that I got this bag, it's lovely.