Question about embossed floral Sienna

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  1. I was just wondering how you all felt about this bag, since I haven't been able to see it in real life. I like the brown color, but am not sure about the embossed floral part of it. Is the leather stiff on this bag?
  2. Sarahsar....I have never seen one in person, but I do recall someone saying the leather is stiffer that the other Siennas. Hope this helps.
  3. Yes, it's definitely stiffer and has a different feel to the regular Siennas. I have the embossed, as well as a regular Sienna in almost the same color and they definitely both have their own personalities! :yes:
  4. Jade, a friend of mine was looking at one of these since they hadn't been faked and are easier to find on eBay. Can you tell me, does the color seem to transfer off these bags more than a regular Sienna. She thought maybe the stiffer leather looks like the dye might rub off easier. Notice anything?
  5. I haven't noticed any transfer. However, I bought so many bags in the last couple months that I'm embarrassed to say the embossed Sienna has only made it into the rotation twice so far. LOL. I was planning to carry it tomorrow so I'll let you know if I notice anything and if not - I'll keep my eye on it for a bit. I do have to say though, the fact that it's more structured, it seems like the leather would be a bit more like the smooth leather Siennas - just with a floral embossed design running throughout. You would be the best person to ask if the smooth leather Siennas transfer. ;)

    I was actually wishing that a black embossed would come up on eBay since it would have fulfilled my desire for a black smooth Sienna and an embossed. Unfortunately, I hardly see these ones so I had to bite the bullet and buy the brown one. Now that I have the chestnut, I'd feel stupid getting one in black too. Stranger things have been known to happen though... LOL. :lol:
  6. jadejett - I really appreciate your descriptions. When you say it is more like the smooth leather Siennas, do you mean in how it feels or in its structure?
  7. Well I've never owned a smooth leather, but I think the embossed is stiffer in the same way. Does that help at all?
  8. It does. I think I know what you're saying. Thanks for the help!