Question about Eluxury

  1. Does eluxury send the Louis Vuitton box with the purchase when you buy a bag. Or does it just come wrapped in a box?
  2. All my LV bags came from Elux and they all had LV boxes, even scarfs and accesorries like cles' come with a LV BOX.
    I never check gift box if that helps.
  3. All of my eLux bags and accessories came with boxes. The dust bags weren't always the appropriate size, but I'd give them a call and they would send me a new dust bag. Customer Service is always friendly/helpful.
  4. Alright, thank you
  5. I've always received the brown LV box! :smile:
  6. Your LV will come it it's LV hard-sided brown box, but if you also check "gift box", the LV brown box will get put in a silver Elux box with purple ribbon....IMO, too many dead trees already !!!!!!
  7. Yup, my purchases have always come with the LV boxes. :yes:
  8. thanks.... call me shallow, but I really love those boxes
  9. I like the boxes too. I keep all of my bags on a shelf that my DH built especially for my LV's! The boxes help keep them more organized!