Question about Eluxury Purchase

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'd like to know how LV bags come from eluxury? In other words do they come in an LV box like from the LV boutiques? or does it come shipped a different way?
  2. mine came in a dust bag and box - just like the boutique
  3. They come in their LV dustbags, inside a brown LV box, and if you request gift boxing, they will additionally put it inside a silver Elux box, with a purple ribbon (it depends upon the size too)...Bigger items may not get a box.
  4. Item comes in the LV box but with no tissue like the boutique.
  5. just like the store
  6. LV box, just like store.
  7. Yes, the eLux shipments come in the dust bag inside the LV box. BUT, I'm wondering what everyone is talking about when they say that their LVs from the LV stores come in the boxes and tissue???
    I've shopped at 4 different LV stores, and I've never received an item in a box, nor with any tissue... always in the dust bag in an LV shopping bag.
  8. Here is an example of a box, tissue, sticker, and brown ribbon that LV gives out. Sometimes SA's don't include a box, tissue with sticker, or a brown ribbon when one purchases something. So next time you buy something from the boutique, ask them if you could get a box, and tissue/ribbon if you'd like. ;)

  9. Thanks, John 5 --
    Is that just for accessory items like wallets, etc., or for handbags, too?
  10. Accessories, handbags, luggage like the Keepall, shoes, RTW come with boxes if you ask for them.

    You're welcome btw. ;)