Question about Eluxury & LV

  1. Hi, I am seriously thinking about purchasing a LV speedy 30:love: off of Eluxury, and wanted to ask anyone who has bought off their site before, how long does it usualy take to receive your bag??I was debating on buying a fairly new one from ebay, but don't want to chance it, and from what I can tell, a extra $100 gets me a brand new one from eluxry, so I'd rather just do that I think.:unsure: Any & all info would be greatly appreciated!:smile:
  2. Buy new..I just ordered from took like 3 days and got free shipping...
  3. WoW, that was FAST shipping! Thanks!
  4. It depends on where you live. I live in California and it takes eLuxury 2 business days to process and ship my order and it takes four, agonizingly loooooooooong days for my bag(s) to arrive because sometimes, I'm too cheap to pay extra for next day delivery (even though I'm paying well over a thousand for my bags). However, because I'm considered a "good" customer of eLuxury now, I get their "VIP" treatment and get free upgraded delivery.

    I have the LV speedy 30, BTW. It's a beautiful bag!! You should get it!!
  5. Same here, it takes like 2-3 days for processing, then like 4 for the shipping. One time I paid for express, ordered it on sunday and it got here on thursdays. it really didnt seem like express, huh? But i am in texas, and it takes long to get to this area from tennessee.
  6. 2-3 days for me.
  7. It usually only take 1 or 2 days to process and then two days shipping for me to get my stuff from Elux.
  8. I can't remember exactly how many days it was, but I remeber it being fairly quick. My purchasing experience elux has been excellent so far!
  9. depends on where they ship from in relation to where you live. i know they have a warehouse in Memphis, that's where mine came from. i ordered and confirmed wednesday, it shipped thursday, and it was here friday. i think that they have at least one other warehouse, maybe in cali? i dunno.
  10. I've Only Had The Best Service (All Around) From Eluxury...I'd Pay The $100 Extra
  11. I'm in WV, not too far from it could be fairly quick. I've been dying for this bag for atleast 2 years, everytime I get close to buying it, I backout. But my b-day is this month, and My hubby said he wants to buy me something I think I might just go for it this time around. It's the Monogram Canvas Speedy 30. Everyone love theirs? They hold up well? Keep their beauty? etc?Sorry for all the Q's.
  12. my mono speedy 30 is in the top five best purchase i have made for myself in the last five years. i love it even more than my new car. :smile:
  13. My last order with eluxury took a week to arrive, 3 days to process, 3 days to deliver. I think it's because I ordered on a Saturday. My first elux order took only a day to process and was shipped that afternoon. :weird: I have no idea why it was so fast, LOL. (Place orders in the morning, they are shipped faster)

    Congrats on your future LV purchase!
  14. I have a 35 and 40 and I love them both.

    eLuxury has great customer service!
  15. The speedy will be shipped flat in a box and will be heavily creased. I returned mine because I hated it so much. :cry: :shame: It was UGLY. (The perfo speedy was shipped with cartoon inside so the shape was perfect, and I kept it because it actually looked nice and is a limited edition) You must really be in LOVE with LV before placing an order...go to an LV boutique and handle the bags...then buy on eluxury so you can save on tax. :biggrin: