Question about eLux (totally freaking out)

  1. I placed an order last night but for some reason it doesn't show up in the Order History section of my account. I thought it would just take some time for it to show up so I checked again this morning and it's still not there. Has this happened to anyone else? I received an e-mail from them saying that they received my order though and that was the account I logged onto when I made my purchase. Is there something wrong? :push::shrugs:
  2. I am sure everything is fine if you received an email, why don't you give them a call just to make sure?
  3. Just call!
  4. I would call because my orders do show up right away in my account as pending.
  5. save your confirmation email and call them
  6. Call and give them your order#, I'm sure they'll help you. OR even go to their site and do a live chat.
  7. it happened to me one time.. i called them up and they said they had to verify my account and had to call my cc company or sometimes it's the cc company that takes awhile to process the charges and post payment... call them up just to make sure what's going on...
  8. hhm..let us know the outcome...:tup:
  9. I agree.. call them
  10. thanks for all the replies everyone, I used their live chat earlier and the customer rep. said that it can take up to 2 days for it to show up but checked when I came home from school and it shows up on my account now. :sweatdrop::okay:
  11. Don't worry. As long as you received the email then you're ok. One time I ordered, received the email, but it didn't show up in the order history until 2 days later.
  12. yeah. email says it takes up to 2 biz days, usually it shows up after one biz day!
    but I don't know why it takes either a day or two to show in my account tho.
    I don't understand. I think it's same as
  13. When I ordered my BH, I don't think the charge showed until 7 days after I placed the order. I had already gotten the bag and wasn't charged.
  14. glad its us pics whne u get it..:tup: