Question about Ellipse

  1. I've not seen an Ellipse fan club here unlike the Speedy and the Alma. I've been thinking of buying an Ellipse but I would like to know how convenient (inconvenient) is it to use -- like when you are out shopping is it too cumbersome to open up the zippers ? Does the MM hold a lot of stuff as compared to a Mono Speedy 30, for instance ?

    Thanks a lot in advance to you gals. Am just getting too itchy for my next LV purchase !:flowers:
  2. I liked the ellipse, but when I had it, I hardly used it. I had the ellipse pm, in which I was able to fit a medium-sized makeup bag, small wallet, and sunglasses. The one fault I found with the bag was that it was rather stiff.
  3. I don´t personally like it.
  4. i bought the ellipse PM as my first LV and i love it.. it holds ALOT of stuff, not too casual not too dressy.. you can use it for every occassions and its different looking... :smile:
  5. i dont like the shape too much either...sorry!
  6. The reason why I got the Ellipse MM was because it was very practical and convenient. It opens up VERY easily (love that feature) sometimes I leave it open though, like a tote and it holds as much as the Speedy 30! I love it!... YES it is stiff but, I don't mind it because it's something different then my usual smooshy bags. Pic of the MM and Madonna holding the PM.
    (22) Louis Vuitton - Ellipse MM - (905) 975.JPG Madonna - Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse PM.jpg
  7. I had the Ellipse MM and thought the bag was lovely. At the time however, I wasn't into handbags and liked shoulder bags better. I tried to attach a mono strap to the MM but it didn't flush correctly against my body. I upgraded my MM to the Ellipse Shopping which I absolutely adore but now that I'm into hand bags I hate that I no longer own my MM. I'd like to obtain another MM but this time in Damier. I say go for the Ellipse. It's an adorable bag. The MM is plenty roomy and the shape makes it a wonderfully unique bag. The Shopping size is great! I like that it's more rare. For me that a plus![​IMG]
  8. I have the Ellipse PM and my mom has the shopper that LeopardLady has. I love my Ellipse and find that it actually fits a TON of things, despite it's small appearance. I honestly can't really find a fault with it except that due to it's rounded shape, it falls over on the car floor/seat a lot lol. Otherwise, it's a great bag, IMO!
  9. I have an ellipse PM as well, and I also love it! It really does fit a lot more stuff than you would think, and it's such a unique shape -- so chic, so eye-catching!
  10. I have the Ellipse Moyen. I use it ALOT. It holds a TON of stuff. It is different, you dont see it alot. I didnt used to be a fan, but I really like it now.
  11. I have the PM and adore it - its a great size and it hold everything. Its also very easy to get in and out of and (unlike the speedy for me) is super comfortable to hold as the handles are a bit longer!
  12. i was choosing whether to buy it too... previous thread about it. i did end up getting the PM, which i love. it fits the right amount of stuff for me. and i like the double zips and it's not too heavy as a handheld.

    i've seen a number of women with it recently... at the US Open, at the mall, at an outdoor concert. and the style adds such sophistication b/c there's more structure to it than the speedy for example. i'm not knocking speedy, i have three. the ellipse lends a different look.
  13. I have Ellipse PM and LOVE it!!! I like the fact that it's structured, can be dressed up of down, not seen EVERYWHERE like speedy or alma, the shape is very unique, fits all the stuff I need, etc. I can go on all day!!! You can pick one up on eBay for half price in GREAT shape (they don't seem to hold their re-sale value but that's good news for you!!!:nuts:).
  14. I also have the PM and it is one of DH's favorite LVs b/c of its gorgeous design.
  15. I would love to get one. It's such an elegant shape. I'd also love it in Damier. :girlsigh: