Question about Ellipse

  1. I've never really cared for the Ellipse, but after seeing this picture, I would love to have one in damier or epi. Does anyone know if it has to be SO? Other than monogram, I've never seen them in the boutique.

    John, I borrowed this pic from your post....
  2. I saw one in vachetta and one in turquise ostrich in champs elysees store, but i think its all SO...:s
  3. whoa, how much was the ostrich one? :nuts: :sweatdrop: (I probably don't want to know though)

    I thought everything other than a Mono Ellipse has to be SO too .... why don't you call the hotline, I'm sure they could tell you for sure :yes:
  4. I believe anything other then the mono is s/o.
  5. I love the ellipse. I just got one and it's soooo cute!
  6. Such a cute picture. I hope my closet looks like that :smile:
  7. Yeah, sadly the Damier Ellipse can only be SO'd. :sad:
  8. Yup, SO only...they *might* eventually make it in Damier for the permanent line though.
  9. oooh. i wonder if someone could so it in VERNIS?
  10. Nope, no SO in vernis except for that large bucket bag.
  11. Hi! There's one in damier at the Manila LV store, costs approx $1608. I was told it was a limited edition, not sure if it was an SO that was returned but I clearly remember the SA telling me it was a limited edition so you might still find one at a store near you. Why not call the 866 no?

  12. OMG, Manila! I haven't been back 'home' in 18 years!!! Maybe I can give my dad a call, it can be my late b-day present! :graucho:
  13. Yes that would have to be SO!!!
  14. I would love to have one in Nomade! Yummy!
  15. There was a lady shopping at my work with a Damier Ellipse PM and I followed her around drooling over her bag. YUM.