Question about Elisha

  1. I want a nice bag to be able to take to work and carry all my documents, and I am considering buying an Elisha (even though I just ordered a MAM in wine that hasn't come yet!.hehe)......does anyone here have this bag and can vouch for it?

    What colour do you think is best? I would probably just stick with basic black.
  2. The bag is awesome! I would go with the black for the Elisha. It comes in butter-soft leather and is a great size for documents and books.
  3. Do you know where they have the black in stock?

    I just checked and they do not have any!
  4. I have the Elisha in elephant and it is such a cool bag, very rich and understated, would totally work for work!
  5. I have the same bag, the Elisha in elephant and I love it. I have begun using it off and on with my AC Jet Setter as a tote for school and it holds up well, and looks lovely. It would work just as well for work:smile:

  6. Elisha in black is also available on
  7. I love the Elisha but I am starting to love the Grace even more, it looked so good when I "tried" it on
  8. I found a black Elisha at Nordstrom Rack a while back. I'd just gotten my MAM, so I gave it up to my friend. She loves it. It holds a lot without looking like a huge bag. And the shape is really unique, too.
  9. I just got an Elisha in stonewashed chocolate, and I'd say it is a great size for work, it fits my macbook perfectly. The straps is great if you want to carry it over the shoulder.

  10. has the black in stock!
  11. hey! i have the elisha and it is AWESOME.

    here is a pic of it irl on me (i am 5'2")

    and compared to my MAB
  12. Does anyone else have any modelling pics of the elisha?
  13. ^there's a pic on under girls and "in her bag". click on the 3rd girl. she is wearing the elisha.
  14. I love the Elisha! I just got during the Gilt sale in evergreen. Great size bag and I love how it has different options to carry it (shoulder, arm and crossbody).
  15. Here's my Elisha in Stonewashed Chocolate w/ Basketweave. I'm adore it! I'm about 5'7".