question about egc

  1. those of you who've bought on this event, does the receipt say that you got an gift card w/ the purchase? if i need to return something that i bought on that day, do i have to give back the gift card? if i no longer have the gift card, do i have to pay them for however much the amount it was? in my case it was $150
  2. I think it depends on if you have a REALLY NICE SA :biggrin:
  3. At the last EGC event they stamped the receipts. I did make a return and the associate said not to worry about it.
  4. oh my i wish i get lucky like you. how much was your gift card if you don't mind me asking.
  5. It was only for $50. But I think if you can get away with it even it is for $150. I will keep my fingers crossed!
  6. well, the thing is, i'm in canada, and i have a friend who's in pittsburg that i send all my purchaes to, i had given him the gift card as a present, now, he would be the one to return this bag for me, so i don't want to have to tell him that he needs to give back the 150 gift card. that's why i'm kinda stuck in this problem. do you know how long i have to return something? it's completely unused. still in its original pkg and all.
  7. hmm if you gave him the GC as a "gift" then I hope you do not expect him to pay you back the $150.00 if the store asks you return the GC or take it out from the return value. Some reciepts are marked with a stamp or initials of some sort explicitly stating EGC, others are not. I bought a prada wallet, got a measely 25$ GF...used the GF..ended up exchaing the prada wallet for chanel glasses and the SA said to not worry about it. I also took back a dimaond stitch tote, but on my reciept it did not say EGC at all. It was a packing reciept so I was credited back the amount and the GC was 300$ which I already spent on louboutin shoes.

    also, its 60 days..thats what the SA told me was the return period, in original packing and condition of course.
  8. thanks, one more question, i bought the bag w/o tax becuase it was sent to a different state, if i return it, will i somehow get penalized tax or anything like that? or will i be refunded the exact amount that i paid for? thanks
  9. If you return it, you should get back whatever you were charged but probably not the shipping charges. If you exchange it for something else and you are going to leave with whatever it is, they probably will have to charge you tax since you are in that state. If it's an exchange for the exact same thing, just a different color, though, maybe you could get away without paying tax.
    I wonder about this myself!!!! :confused1:
  10. Yup - depends on your SA.

    When I returned some items I bought during the ECG event, my ECG amount was supposed to decrease. The SA called the manager and the manager said I could just keep the entire amount. =)

    oh, and it was $150!
  11. The sales person I dealt with in one of these situations was not so nice. She took off a $100 from my card. Boo.
  12. FYI: :smile: Interestingly enough-I used my EGC card on my purchase at the Off Fifth location. It said on the card that you couldn't use it there-but they took it!
  13. I spent 2010.00 on EGC day.
    got 300.00 EGC.
    spent the card.
    ended up returning my 2010.00 stuff today and they never asked about the egc card LOL. I promise I did not do it on purpose :smile:
  14. guess I didn't have a nice one :O