Question about Edith

  1. Hi all of you,

    I am new here, but have enjoyed reading your posts the past week. Love the pictures of your beauties! :idea:

    I am considering getting a Chloe Edith but as far as I can tell the pocket is very unpractical, since it has to be opened by the straps? Is that correct? And is it a problem?

    Also thinking about getting a Paddington in mousse - its such a lovely color.

    I have just bought a blanc paddy with pocket and cant wait to get it! :biggrin:

    Thanks for your thoughts - looking forward to being here.

  2. Yes...I never use the front pocket...its not convenient!!
  3. if i use it, i just don't buckle it
  4. Ugh! I have a blanc pocket for sale...I wish you had bought mine!!! On my Edith, I don't buckle the pocket...I run the straps through the keeper loop, but keep the buckles folded under. But I still don't find the front pocket practical. The one on the pocket bag secures with a magnet, so it would be more user friendly.

  5. Waving hi :smile: I'm on the wait list for the turquoise edith - yay for me
  6. I don't use the front pocket at all either. I don't find it very easy to get in and out of, even with short-cutting the straps.
  7. Another don't use the pocket person here. For me, it is decor only. I leave the top zip open and put what I need easy access to in the inside pocket. I don't carry a lot in my bags though.
  8. Pocket is useless decoration only, since it's a pain to unbuckle and looks messy if left opened. They really should have made the buckles attached on the outside only for "show" and had the pocket open and close with a magnet, but it really doesn't matter - you can still use the inside pocket for your phone or whatever.
  9. Pocket on my Edith is for decoration only.
  10. Thanks all of you - that was what I expected :idea:

    ET, I saw your blanc pocket right after I got mine. It is beautiful! Didnt you like it? I live in Denmark so I got mine from a seller in UK (Roz from Ebay), becuase of tax and duty. Way to expensive for me to buy outside Europe.

    Ivy - hi - so nice to see you! The turquise is gorgeous and so you! :biggrin:

    Any recommendations on color? What would your choice be between the chocolate and whisky Edith?

    Thanks again.

  11. ^^I say you can't lose with either of those colors. I actually prefer the bag in the darker colors of whiskey and chocolate - the colors suit the bag somehow (style wise that is).
    I guess it would depend on what other color bags you have. And what you need?
  12. someone else mention about just putting the straps thru the loops and not buckling them and so far it seems like the best idea to me. So with that being said, the front pocket works great for me!
  13. i don't use the front pocket either. but i love my edith!
  14. This reminds me of Marc Jacob's Stella the first year the outside buckle pockets were a pain to open so I just left them alone. Style101 hit the nail right on the head! The next season the MJ Stella came out with the magnetic closures while maintaining the buckle look. Maybe Edith will appear with the same transformation next season.
  15. Is it true that Edith will be made in a smaller version for Fall? I don't know where I read this, but I know I did somewhere. Sorry to hijack your thread.....wave to H!!