question about ebay

  1. :oh: ok, im asking all you experts why this is:

    why do people on ebay sell their used b-bags for more than you can get them at the balenciaga stores for? wouldnt people rather get a brand new bag for hundreds less and have no question about its authenticity??

    im confused by this!!
  2. alot of times the bags that people are buying are in rare colors from the past that are no longer being produced.
    buyers may also be in a location in which balenciaga is not really accessible to them (no b store around, no Barneys, etc)
  3. Because people will pay.
  4. Because most buyers who've experienced the older, softer bags are not into the new crappy leather and think the 04s are worth more! For those folks, ebay's one of the only places to go.
  5. EXACTLY - fug said it perfectly!
  6. i would not say the 06 leathers are crappy, just very different

    the 06 tassels are totally crappy!!! spongey and thick and they split
  7. It's all relative to what they used to have and when there's more mass production with popularity, this is what happens. It's just a cheaper source. I prefer the quality, thicker leather over the thinner. The horrid tassles of my ink 06 represents the leather and had split and broken within 2-3 months, Although my 04s tassles can split, they're stretchier and stronger, very much like the rest of the bag. My 06 may be soft now, the leather is still not as thick (and this was one of the nicer ones) but since it's abused, maybe it's better I also see it as "crappy" leather and don't feel the need to baby it. LOL. If I knew then what I do now, I never would have purchased it and would have paid more for an older pre f/w 05 bag, such as an indigo.