Question about ebay

  1. I am currently selling a bag on eBay and someone just asked me a question about whether I was willing to sell the bag straight away rather than bidding. The thing is I can't use buy it now is there anyway to sell it to them now. Do I need to change the auction to private in order to do so and how does one do that?
  2. you could get her to put in her bid, then close the auction to sell to the highest bidder, do you already have bids on it? if not, change the start price to whatever you have agreed to sell it for before she puts in her bid, thats what i would do anyway
  3. ^^^ That's exactly what I would do :yes:
  4. Me too . . .! Assuming you don't want to let the auction run?
  5. Yes, selling it to her at the highest bid is the easiest, but then you'd have to tweak your invoice to have a really high shipping cost to make up the difference - which may bite you in the butt if she files a claim. You can also send her a Paypal invoice on the side for the full amount, and then take down the auction (provided there are no bids) after she's paid. Good luck!
  6. You know what? I had a buyer email me on a LAMB tattoo tote I was selling- she wanted to give me $200 off eBay but I said no- I ended up getting almost $600 for that bag- there's usually a reason somebody will try to buy off eBay so think about it 1st.
  7. I think it all depends on how much you want for the bag, it could also get NO bids and you're out the listing fees. Good luck.