Question about Ebay shoes?

  1. I was hoping you ladies here could help me understand how sellers on eBay have designer shoes (prada/gucci/miu miu/cole haan) for $30 - $70??

    is this something "too good to be true" ? or am i getting too cynical???

    :smile: kd
  2. there are some fake shoes on eBay, thus they can ask low prices

    however, many times the seller is taking a gamble, knowing that a low bid will attract a bidding war, and also, shoes that have been worn have lower resale factor
  3. Yes, some are fakes, so always be sure to post them in the "authenticate this" thread. Also it attracts more buyers when the bidding is as low as 30-70 dollars.
  4. That's pretty much how eBay works. eBay wouldn't exist if there weren't ppl who can get things for below retail.

    That said, alot of eBay PowerSellers are people who buy from return centers at the large department stores. Other eBayers stalk sales at boutiques. And still others simply have connections to the brand where they can get shoes ahead of wait-list people (but usually, these ppl sell the shoes for ABOVE retail).
  5. The lower the starting price, the lower the fee for the seller...some may have reserve pricing as well. Also, many people sell used designer shoes too, hence the pricing.