Question about ebay seller: scrawnygoat re Fendi items

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  1. I was getting ready to bid on a Fendi Linda on one of scrawnygoat's
    ebay listings, but happened to notice an untoward comment
    in the Q&A section on this ebay item number: 170447152885
    regarding an $18.46 shipping charge for a change purse:

    Q: why is your shipping price so high? this is a very small item and i routinely receive large handbags at less than hald this cost. no one will pay this. Feb-17-10
    A: Thanks I appreciate the heads up. I copied my listing from another bag & forgot to adjust the weight & handling charges. But I do have to comment on the way you present yourself, it is very condescending. Thanks Someone has already bid, so I guess there is someone, not to mention the starting price is so low, no reserve. I will lower the shipping cost for the winner, even for you. Thanks again so much.

    The somewhat aggressive nature of scrawnygoat's response
    makes me feel uncomfortable about making a purchase from them.

    Anyone have either a good or bad experience with this seller?

    Thank you!
  2. The whole situation makes me nervous. He seems like jerk.