Question about ebay if it's okay to ask...

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  1. Moderators - I didn't know where to put this question. I just need some advice about something that I have had listed on ebay for awhile and can't seem to get a buyer for, even after 20 watchers (both times) .... is there something I could do that I am not doing that would make this easier for people to go ahead and feel like they could make a decision? Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. If this is an inappropriate question, please forgive me and go ahead and close this thread.
  2. I would like to give my pennys worth but not sure of the detail eg item price etc
    will wait to see if moderator says its ok to discuss
  3. Try starting your item at 99 cents (with reserve if its an expensive item) and time it to end on a weekday late afternoon or evening.
    Good luck !
  4. You can check finished auctions for the same item to see what it is selling for, then adjust your price accordingly.
  5. Can you post a link to your auction? Will gladly give some tips :yes:
  6. Here is the link.... but I don't want to get in trouble for listing my own auction. I feel like this is such a delicate issue, but yet I would really appreciate the I said before - if this is not allowed, I won't be offended if this thread gets closed. It is more important to be welcome here than to get myself in trouble over this auction! :yes:
  7. ^ maybe put 'authentic' in the title... since there are so many fakes..
  8. Don't think you are breaking any rules as you are not advertising it but asking for help.

    Consider taking 2005 out of the title as for most buyers that is somewhat irrelevant. I would make your title more like "Beautiful Medium Tan CHLOE Paddington"

    Also put some breaks into your text as it's quite hard to read in one block like that. Put your payment terms very clearly as the last part of text telling your buyers what payment methods you accept and when you expect payment. And just to make it absolutely clear put in that the bag will be fully insured via a trackable shipping method.

    Hope that gives you some starters :smile:
  9. I think your auction is fine. I think it comes down to cold hard cash.
    Most people look for bargains and dont like paying for quality. Thats my experience when selling high end bags.
    Plus there are so many leather, fake paddys on Ebay that as most people dont know the difference between a fake and a real one, go for the cheaper option
    Love the bag though. :drool:
  10. Oh yes and as RoseMary said, put in the title and auction text that it's authentic. You've not actually stated that anywhere in the listing
  11. Even fakes have 'authentic' in the title. The amount of '100% authentic leather chloe paddingtons' on Ebay that are fake is untrue.

    But they are smart as they are actually saying that the leather is real..and not the bag.
  12. ^ yes, i know. that was just a thought. because the auction looks totally fine to me. you can write 1000% authentic, lol.
  13. oh, do you have the invoice? maybe take a photo as well.

    and provide the measurements.

    for your safety: watermark the pics.
  14. I love that bag! Have you ever thought of stuffing the bag with tissue paper for a couple pics and add them. Bags look the best when they are stuffed like at the store.