Question About Ebay Disputes

  1. I'm just wondering....if you buy a fake from ebay and the seller refuses to give a refund is there anything you can do?

    I mean, I know you can file a dispute with ebay and paypal....but what if the seller closes their paypal account? How would I get my refund? What can ebay REALLY do to the seller other than just suspend the account?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: Is there really any guarantee with this kind of stuff or is it mostly just "at your own risk" and you just have to take the chance that you could end up stuck with a fake.
  2. Nobody has any idea about this?
  3. file a significantly not as described claim, and open a claim with Paypal if you paid that way.
  4. file a claim under ebays's standard protection, they'll charge $25 administration fee but it's better than nothing.
  5. the same thing happened to me. The seller now left me negative feedback & then closed their ebay account. I don't think I'll buy on ebay again.
  6. It depends on what protection was offered on the auction. If you have Paypals buyer protection, and you used Paypal, you should be ok, however, if the auction only had Ebay standard protection, you are only covered for a certain amount, in the UK £120, minus the £15 admin charge (so really, you're covered for £105)

    You need to check your original auction to see what protection is offered.

    Good luck!

  7. I had this happen to me, but I disputed the charge with my credit card company and they reversed the charge.