Question about e/w flap...

  1. hi ladies planning to get e/w flap in new chain probably at the end of the year , is it consider as classic collection? would it be available all year round?? and how much is it after the price increase...thanks in advance. ;)
  2. Although not the 2.55, it's basically the same shape and design and a lot of people, including me, consider it a classic. It is available all year round (well, they do run out of stock, but it's more or less a permanent fixture in Chanel accessories). It's currently $1395 now, but it is rumored (I emphasize RUMORED) that it will be $1695 by the end of the month (on sept. 28th). The price is for a caviar E/W btw. it's more for lambskin (about 200 additional). It's sad since it used to cost $1095. Now I can't afford one!
  3. thanks RGM for the info... (:
  4. I cant believe its going to cost what the Jumbo classic used to cost LESS than a year ago! $1695!
  5. I know it's so sad! and it's so expensive also in europe. I called Chanel in Rue Royale Paris and they said a Medium 2.55 Lambskin is 1700 euros! My goodness.
  6. sorry, can someone spell out "e/w"? thanks!
  7. east/west :smile: