Question about Dylan Zip Tote

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  1. I am interested in purchasing an LP Dylan Zip Tote & have a question about the sizing. I checked the LP Sizing thread, but I didn't see my question answered.

    I understand that this bag might change in dimensions each season, but sometimes on sites such as EBay & Bonanzle, I see people list the bag like with titles like:

    NWT Linea Pelle Dylan Large Zip Tote in Purple

    Did this bag ever come in "Medium" or "Large," or was it always just 1 size?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I am 99.9% positive they have only had the one size. And I would consider it 'large'! :P

  3. ^^I agree, only one size. And it is large! (In a good way)
  4. Not all that much larger than the medium really but it can hold alot of magazines or a leptop iof you wanted whereas the medium will not.
  5. Do you ladies notice that the zip tote is so heavy that it's almost hard to carry? Even with barely anything in the bag b/c it's so heavy.. it just feels like my shoulder is always so sore from carrying this bag. :sweatdrop:
  6. ^^^I'm actually amazed at how light this bag feels, even with all the hardware. But' I'm used to heavy bags. I had a Juicy Couture leather hobo, and half of the strap was huge chunky chains. That was definitely a shoulder ripper.