Question about dust bags from elux

  1. I received my new speedy today and the dust bag is the envelope kind really small, I have to fold my poor baby up to fit him in there! can I call and request the draw string kind. I will never want to put him back in there and get him all creased up !
  2. that is really the standard dustbag for the speedy... :sad:
  3. ITA.. I suggest a pillowcase if you want to put it away without folding it up.
  4. ooo i wouldn't like that. buying a speedy in a few weeks. glad i have a ginormous dust bag for my BH that i never use...the BH is my school bag so i have it out all the time. might have problems this summer though when it's not in use :sad:
  5. yesyes
  6. Yeah, that is a pet peeve of mine, esp. since they reccomend not to store it flat.
  7. really? I got a drawstring dustbag with my speedy.
  8. Maybe it's an Eluxury thing?? Anyway, I think it's highly inappropriate! I got mine recently from a boutique and I got a drawstring bag. A friend of mine has one and she got a drawstring bag too! You shouldn't have to fold a bag to fit the dustbag! What if you had to store it for months in it? Wouldn't it crease badly? If I were you I'd ask for a proper dustbag. If they tell you it's a standard thing tell them that other LV customers don't have to fold and crease their bags!
  9. I find it weird that the standard dustbag would be one you have to fold the bag into. I got my epi speedy 25 with a dustbag that fits the whole bag (not from elux though)
  10. mine had a big grease spot on it, thankfully didn't transfer to Azur, but i send the exchange dustbag back in nov. of 06 and still haven't got a word back.....E lux is fast shipping out, but not so hot a:hysteric: t customer service
  11. You might wanna drop them a line about that, the issue has probably been dropped if you haven´t heard back:confused1:
  12. When I got my Cerises 25 Speedy from, it came with the small dustbag (but in red, for the Cerises). Yep, they like to go small with those Speedy dustbags.
  13. Since we pay a serious amount of money to buy a LV piece we should demand great customer service! And certainly not greasy (used?) or small dustbags! We love the brand but that doesn't mean they're always right or that we should keep our mouths shut if something is clearly wrong! Besides, we buy LV to benefit from the high quality of both products and services and I guess the company promotes this as well. Mistakes are meant to be noted upon and fixed.
  14. Classic Chic needs to call eLuxury. Usually they have really good customer service. Just like any business, you need to follow up often, even if you are in the position as customer.
  15. Up to this point all my LV's have been purchased at LV boutique...but that requires travel time of roughly 3 or 3.5 hours down to Atlanta, GA coz we have no LV here in Knoxville, TN.

    I have my heart set on a Noe, next month and will probably pass on driving the distance down to GA., and will order from Elux. Anyone know what sort of dustbag comes w/the Noe .?.