Question about Dr. Q Groovee Satchel (mouse grey)

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  1. So i was finally able to track down a Dr. Q Groovee satchel in mouse grey, the last one ever on Nordies i believe. However, it did not come with a metal plate. Do the new groovee satchels come with it? :confused1: i paid full price for mine and if it's missing the metal plate, i'm gonna have to return it. Which sucks because i've been wanting this bag since last fall.
  2. I'm assuming that you mean the removable luggage tag with the logo plate? :smile: I bought mine last month at an MJ in NY, and it came with one :\
  3. Yes the removeable luggage tag. :sad: Anyone knows if i can get a replacement?
  4. you might try contacting an MJ store, but since they changed to gold hardware this season, they might not have a spare grey/silver tag -- it certainly wouldn't hurt to try. If you really like the bag, tho, and can't find a replacement tag, if I were you, I'd contact Nordstroms & ask if they can give you some kind of discount & just keep it -- That color is very HTF (if not completely sold out) and it's so beautiful -- I don't know if I'd return it just becuz it was missing the hangtag

    I just started using my Groovee this week and I LOVE this bag!!!
  5. I have the Groovee satchel in Chocolate and love it.. the hangtag doesn't make it or break it for me. But if you paid full price and it's not there you should definitely get discounted! Good luck!

    I did see one of these on ebay today. If you wanted to get creative you could buy it.. keep the hangtag and then sell the extra bag sans the hangtag...? This would be a pain but if you want it badly it could work. Here's the link: