Question about doing prescription on Sunnies

Jan 19, 2007
Pug City
Hi Irishpandabear (love the name!)

I'd love to see a picture of your straight ones as it's hard to know how straight they have to be to get Rx, thanks!
Thanks about the name! Here is a pic of my Chanel sunnies that have a RX. I hope that helps! I will also post the pair that could not be made into RX shades in a min.



Aug 30, 2006
Thanks so much for the pictures Irishpandabear - it really gives me a good idea of the wrapping. I love your Rx Chanel sunglasses by the way, the shape is gorgeous! :heart::smile:


Jun 11, 2009
i dont know why they told you they cant change it to Rx lenses...i had(i lost them two weeks ago :crybaby:) the mother of pearl sunglasses that i got 3 years ago and they were Rx. i am too scared to wear contacts so Rx is the only way for me. it just costs a lot. if i remember correctly, i paid around $700 for everything. i need a new pair of sunnies now since i dont have a pair anymore and i was wondering if any of you have purchased a pair of sunnies from a boutique and then taken them to an optical store to get them Rx lenses? I have two eyeglasses and had that pair of sunnies but i always just went to a certified chanel store to get them. i was thinking that maybe i can save some money if i buy the frames from a specialty store and then get the Rx lenses from a place that cost less like costco or something. what do you guys think?