Question about doing prescription on Sunnies

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  1. I finally found a legit seller of the 5076 glasses (the mother of pearl ones), I have wanted them forever! Anyway, I took them up to the eye place and they said they cannot put a RX in them because they wrap too much! Has anyone had any with RX lenses in them in this style? I am in the Dallas area btw. I really want these, I tried on all the current styles and just didn't really like them so I am hoping something comes through!
  2. my best friend's father owns an eye glasses store and I have begged him 10000 times to make a pair of my chanel sunnies into RX sunnies and he always tells me that they are wrapped around too much and there is no way for this to be done. The only type of the sunglasses that really can be made with a RX lenses are a pair that are straight across the front if that makes any sense, basically no sunnies that i like lol. Also, sunnies that dont have lenses that can pop out or that have the cc's attached to the lenses cannot be used either. I hope you have better luck than I have had, goodluck and congrats on your new sunnies!
  3. I have 2 pairs of Chanel sunnies that I had prescription lenses put in the, but they are from 2 years ago. Love them. I just got a pair of Louis Vuitton ones that I need to have done next time I get my eyes checked.
  4. Didn't Swanky get her sunglasses prescribed? Maybe she can help!
  5. I've had the same problem with the 5076's. They wrap too much. It's so disappointing, isn't it?
  6. Aww that sucks! Get contacts!
  7. It can be done!! I have the shields made in px too. It will cost you, but there are ways. Don't give up hope.
  8. I found a solution! I had LASIK yesterday LOL . No not cause of the sunnies but I have wanted it for 4 years! so now I can keep them just as they are.
  9. That's great! I've been thinking about that too - it would save a fortune on prescriptions! How are you getting on with your new good eyesight? :smile: Did it hurt much?
  10. you can totally get this done. i work at an optometric store and we sell everything chanel makes eyewear wise, and although some of the chanel's can't be RXed, but we have done the mother of pearl ones several times without issue. the only "bad" thing about RXing chanel sunglasses, is the authenticity number is on the original lense and will not be present on RX lenses.

  11. Haha, well there you go! :P I had LASIK too, best thing I ever did, since I had something like -8 and -9 in my eyes, plus astigmatism! :sweatdrop: Enioy your sunnies!! :smile: I love the MOP sunnies so much that I have both the black and the tortoise. :smile:

  12. I have one pair of Chanel sunnies that go straight across and those Lens Crafters put a prescription in no problem. I had a second pair that they also put my prescription in (but shouldn't have because of the lens curve) and it altered my vision and the lenses popped out all the time. My vision is middle of the road, not too bad, not great so the lenses weren't super thick or anything. I guess what I am saying is, I learned the hard way that yes it can physically be done in all shapes of glasses, but if a reputable place advises you not to do it, this may be in your best interest. I ended up with a pair of crap sunnies that cost me over $350 before the prescription lenses went in! I now have the one pair that are straight across with a prescription, and I ended up needing to buy a new pair which I wear "blind" or with contacts. If you want I can post pics of both sets so you can get an idea of what I mean by straight, as I am not sure my description has been the best! LOL! sorry long post!
  13. I just got two new pair of Chanel sunnies(can let you know the numbers when I get them back from the optical shop) with my perscription in them. This is the sixth pair of Chanels I've had a perscription put in. I've had sunnies and regular Chanel glasses made, purchased from both the Chanel boutique and an optical shop, and never had a problem. None of the pairs have been the wrap kind though because, my perscription is too strong and just can't be done. My friend who has barely has any correction did have her perscription put in some wraps and it worked out fine.
  14. Hi Irishpandabear (love the name!)

    I'd love to see a picture of your straight ones as it's hard to know how straight they have to be to get Rx, thanks!
  15. It was great!!! I am so happy I did it! No hurting at all!