Question about dog collar coach tags

  1. Hi all,

    I went last night and purchased a Coach dog collar with stripes.

    It comes with a hang tag that is actually a name tag....Coach does not do engraving.
    Do I remove this tag and order a bone-shaped tag with all his info on this or go somewhere and get the coach-tag engraved.:confused1:

    Suggestions? Comments? This is my first dog!
  2. I already had an engraved tag for my dog when I bought the Coach collar so I just left the Coach tag as it was. If not I probably would've had the Coach one engraved.

    I would also suggest some sort of microchip for the dog though in case he gets lost without his collar. That happened to my friend - they had the dog tied up outside and the dog pulled his head out of the collar and disappeared. When they went to check on the dog all they had was a collar attached to the leash. They put flyers up, ads in the newspaper, contacted shelters, etc. without any luck. Then someone brought in a lost dog and they were able to locate my friend (3 weeks later) because of the microchip with all the info on it.
  3. If you want it engraved, I'd go to your local mall and see if there is a store called Things Remembered. They specialize in engraving. Otherwise, search for a store that does custom gifts (mirrors, photo frames, pens) and see if they'll engrave for you :smile:
  4. Great ideas ladies. I'll do both - head over to Things Remembered and the microchip!
  5. Getting off topic a little..but definitely microchip!!!!! I had both my cats done too even though they are indoor cats...never know when they might sneak out through the door!
  6. I just ordered that stripe collar and was going to get her name engraved on it with my phone number (she's chipped too) I think every girl needs her accessoried monogramed... :smile:
  7. Awesome! Post a picture once you get it done!! :o)
  8. this is off topic but how is the microchip implanted. Sounds like a lifesaver for a lost pet
  9. I believe it's inserted with a needle and is smaller than a grain of rice. Generally put right under the skin, somewhere around the animals neck, kind of on their back. Then, to scan one, they just wave a wand over the animal and once detected, the information shows up on the screen.