Question about Dior SA

  1. Sorry, I'm not sure if this question belongs on tPF. But, I'm always curious ... Does anyone know how much a SA for Dior, or any other brand, makes? Is it per hour? And how much discounts they get?

  2. I don't know how accurate this is so please excuse me if I'm wrong and this is old info. :sad: My DH has an uncle (who is more like a brother to him since they are only a couple of years apart in age) who works for Gucci and last we heard, he got one bag a month at 50% off. I heard the same to be true from my mom's best friend whose daughter is a SA at LV...Not sure about the other brands or if this is accurate and up to date. We haven't seen my uncle in law for a couple of years now and my mom's friend could have gotten the discount info about her daughter's job wrong...
    I don't work but DH jokingly told me maybe I should go work at Dior part time just to get their discount (whatever it is!) so that he doesn't have to keep paying full price for my bags. :smile:
  3. i know for Gucci, they get 50% off everything but 40% off on handbags.
  4. Thanks for the clarification! It was awhile ago that we were chatting about this and I had a feeling I might have gotten something wrong. :shame: