question about Dior logo on shoes

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  1. Hi, I only have a pair of Dior anniversary python shoes and they have the squarish logo on the insole and the Dior mark on the sole. I have seen several online with the Dior logo in letters on the insole. Why the difference? It's been driving me crazy...:thinking:
  2. I dont know all the details, but usually the "regular" Dior lines will have just letters on the insole, and special/limited editions will have the square logo.
  3. The rectangular Louis XVI marque on the insole replaced the previous Dior logo stamp on all shoes from the 60th Anniversary collection onwards.
  4. mystery solved;)!:yahoo:
  5. Thank you!! it's just because I see all these shoes on Ebay with the lettered logo and I was curious to know.
    can go to sleep now :P
  6. Arrrrrh Nat and Emi, I was just about to get excited that I've got three pairs with those square logos... till I saw Emi's post. [​IMG]
  7. aaah, sorry hun ! :hugs: should have known better..