Question about Dior bags

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  1. Is there such thing as " black leather bowling bag purse" and "black and white detective bag"?

    If so, can someone please please please post pictures to see how they look like? I'm a Dior dummy
  2. This is dior detective medium in white:smile:




  3. and im not sure which bag is black leather bowling bag, perhaps its the dior gambler bag in black leather?
  4. [​IMG]

    dior detective bag~
  5. for posterity's sake (well actually because it's such a gorgeous bag), here's the L.E. detective bag May posted a picture of:

    :girlsigh: *sighs* which reminds me, WHERE'S MAY?! i hope she's not abandoned us and it's just her being incredibly busy.
  6. so there is no such thing as "black and white" detective right? there has never been this combination right? 'cuz someone on craigslist said she's selling one and it's authentic.. but she hasn't sent me no pictures

    and ya.. thanks Su Su Kim.. the bowling is that one she sent me
  7. I saw that listing on craigslist, the one from hollywood hills? She said she was also selling the matching shoes, but the shoes are from the d'trick line. I think she has the name mixed up, and I'm pretty sure she is referring to this bag...

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  8. ya ya.. she sent me a picture of the bag like that too.. with the pearl chain.. maybe she got them mixed up then..

    how much retail is that bag? is that worth the money at the price she's selling fashion_guru??
  9. I think it sold for around $1600 at eluxury. How much was she asking for it again? Also, you might want to post the pictures that the seller sent you of the bags in the authenticate this thread, that way you can be sure they're authentic.
  10. It retailed for $1640 I think, and was from either summer 03 or 04.
  11. Thanks Fenix, I wasn't sure. Also, you should ask for pictures of an authenticity card, dustbag, and close ups of the front and bag of the tag on the inside.
  12. ive seen that bag on ebay go for 300~400 US$.
    so if i was to buy that bag i wouldnt pay more than 400 US..
  13. oh.. really.. they don't go for that much?

    you guys.. i'm kinda confused about this bag.. i looked on ebay..

    why are there so many kinds, so many sizes, so many different retail prices? I saw there is clutch size, another over shoulder (and i see various dimensions.. like 12, 10inches long... ) and i also see another clutch size with pearl.. and long pearl.. oh boy am i confused?
  14. There were different versions of that bag made which explains the price differences, but the retail for the one you posted is 1640. There was also one version with a long strip of fur on the handle which was more expensive, and quite classy :smile:

    Here it is on Paris :P

    IMO price depends on the condition and the seller. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if the bag was say new or used and from a trusted seller.
  15. hmm after seeing your link they do sell for a higher price than i thought. there are various sizes and different colours available for d'trick line:smile:
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