Question about Differences B/w Chloe Paddington Shoppers

  1. Hi,

    I'm considering purchasing the Chloe Paddington Shopper and in my research, I came across a question I hope you Chloe-philes could help me with.

    On NM's website, the Paddington Shopper is $1585 and the picture does not show the signature Chloe padlock.

    However, on Bergdorf's website, the Paddington Shopper is $1800 and the picture does show the signature Chloe padlock.

    Am I correct in assuming that the NM Paddington Shopper is $1585 because it does not come with the padlock? I'm assuming that the more basic colors of the Paddington Shopper (Black & Brown) come with the padlock, while the more "trend" colors (Tan & Rust) do not. :confused1: Or does the NM website just fail to show the padlock in this particular picture?

    Something tells me that the price difference is due to the absence of the Paddington lock. I think NM would never fail to post a picture of the Paddington with its lock when that's its signature detail! Dont you think?!
  2. I noticed the same thing while looking at this bag, but after reading the descripton on the first bag, it states that it has a padlock. I have the black, but with the black hardware instead of the gold, and the original price was $1800. I thought it was because it was limited edition (with the black hardware) that it cost more, so not sure why the price difference on the two bags you list, m aybe there has been a price increase and the tan is priced with 06 prices??:confused1:
  3. Wow, this is really strange! I am 99.9% sure that all Paddingtons come with padlocks, including the shopper... I have never seen one without a padlock!
  4. Yes it is weird! The description of the first bag (tan) says that it has a padlock, but there is no mention of the hanging key in the description nor in the picture. Whereas, the description of the second bag (black) says that it has a padlock and key and you can see both in the picture.
  5. I also thought that all Paddingtons came with padlocks! Plus, I didnt think that Neiman Marcus was the kind of online retailer to omit that detail from its picture! I'm so confused!
  6. Maybe one is frontside and the other is backsite? Every Paddi has to come with a padlock ,I think. :yes:
  7. That is one of the few styles of paddingtons that I don't have, since I have the US SHOPPER from '06 in a multitude of colors. :nuts: (I think that one is still on in the '06 ivory (blanc), and why it's not gone I have NO IDEA, since it is TDF.:heart: ) That said, the tote shopper that you all are looking at should definitely have a padlock. I think it's just a mistake in the description. Some of the people at these stores that write the descriptions are not knowledgable about the bags and just put down whatever...they are listing the medium taupe metallic as a small, and have been since they got it! :cursing: I have brought this to their attention after I purchased it, but they have never changed it...I think you should call and just verify that the paddington you want has the lock. This style SHOULD come with one! Enjoy!!:jammin:
  8. Hi Beanie! Thanks for your help! I called Chloe this morning and a SA told me that he's never seen a Paddington without a padlock. He didn't sound too sure of himself so I'll call back later today and speak to a manager or another SA. Thanks!