Question about diamonds & grading

  1. I just read in another thread about how IGI is the least reputable grader and various things to look for when purchasing a diamond. Just wondering if anyone has any insight to offer regarding the following scenarios:

    1.If you buy a diamond certified by IGI then find out from a different appraiser that specs are way off, lower than stated carat size, color, clarity, etc. do you have any recourse against the seller?

    2.If a jeweler only uses IGI or EGL (anyone except GIA) can you ask/pay for the jeweler to get a GIA appraisal before purchasing?

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out how a buyer can protect oneself if they purchase a ring certified by someone other than GIA.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. :tup:
  2. 1. depends on their return policy:yes:

    2. I actually trust EGL so long as I see it and use a loupe to check it out myself as well. I'm not sure that GIA is willing to just certify any stone:shrugs:

    The way for a consumer to protect themselves is to have it apprased at an independent apprasier after buying it and MAKING SURE where they bought it will fully refund you if the stone isn't what they guarantee it is.

    AGS is also completely reputable:yes:
  3. Swanky speaks the truth. Have you seen her upgrade:drool: Using an independent appraiser will give you peace of mind and pockebook!
  4. Personally I won't look at anything other than GIA, AGS and EGL-USA certs. I just don't want the risk and the trouble with a looser lab...
  5. 2manybags, I agree with ame....stick with AGS and GIA. Have your jeweler send the stone to GIA before purchase. And what you will get is a diamond report. You can then decide on whether or not the stone meets your specifications/requirements on paper.

    Of course, I'm assuming you will look at the diamond and see if it makes your heart race:yahoo:?? A report is just a won't tell you if you will like the way the stone looks.
  6. You can always have the diamond checked out by an independent appraiser. Most reputable stores are ok with this. I think there's a list on of appraisers in each city. That's how I found my appraiser and he actually grades for GIA and AGS. Each appraisal may be around $75, but it's worth it if you're spending a large amount of money!
  7. maybe i should go to GIA and take the courses for my certs lol.. lucky at my jeweler almost everyone is certified by GIA so their opinion is certified! and they are not paid by commission.
  8. Sinniebunnie~we are suggesting you take your diamond to an independent appraiser. That means someone who is not associate with the jeweler from whom you purchased your stone. It's your second opinion done by an expert. HTH.
  9. I totally agree--do NOT take it to a jeweler, take it to an appraiser. Ive been taught that if it's done by a jeweler/someone closely associated with a jeweler it looses it's legitimacy.